Mini Guide To Be Better In LoL

Don’t Just Stay There

Though support is one of the most engaging and fun positions in League of Legends, it’s important, as you’re learning, to take steps outside of your comfort zone as a support and try other positions. As we mentioned at the start of the Support section, it removes some of the mechanical demand from moment to moment gameplay, but being able to meet those demands is an essential part to being a great League of Legends player which is why it’s critical to diversify what positions you play fairly early on.

If you just keep playing Support you end up missing out on two key parts of the game, namely farming and dueling. Every other position in the game is expected to be constantly collecting gold, and as such it’s not a skill you can ignore, additionally, each other position is expected to face down and deal damage to other champions, unlike Supports who are primarily expected to set up those situations for others.

Who Should You Start With?

As a quick shortlist, these are some of the best champions for you to start playing League of Legends with:

Blitzcrank: One of the best engagers in the game without needing to fully commit to situations he shouldn’t have gotten himself into. He also has a very clear goal as a champion that makes target priority an easier consideration.

Morgana: An extremely safe champion that is going to be useful to any team. If she wasn’t a common ban in lower rankings, she could even be the only champion you know how to play.

Janna: If you’re looking for an absolutely classic support experience, Janna is one of the best champions in the game at keeping her friends alive. Additionally, two of her abilities are point-and-click and her Ultimate is almost impossible to miss, so she is very consistent as a champion. Though keep in mind she’s quite fragile.