Absurdism says that humans are constantly trying to impose some unified structure of individual and collective meaning to contain the spiralling randomness of existence (we’re weird like that, or something). The more we struggle, the more we are disillusioned by our failure to get any kind of solid grasp of a meaningful sense of individual and collective purpose. Disillusionment leads to nihilism; nihilism begets a cultural and moral wasteland. Ours is the generation that has turned friendship in to a trillion dollar business/corporate spy network/competitive sport, tolerates and even encourages the continued existence of Mumford and Sons, and voted a videogame company America’s most evil corporation two fucking years in a fucking row!

Don’t get me wrong; the fact that EA make you pay extra to unlock young George Foreman in Fightnight Champion is really, really evil. It’s not Monsanto evil.

Things are pretty hairy all round is my point.

So in contemplating all these very profound and pertinent existential problems, is it really that significant that we haven’t posted a comic in more than a year?  Is it even worth mentioning that we haven’t posted a comic in more than a year? What kind of category is “it” anyway? Isn’t it absurd to even read a webcomic? What are you even doing here? Do you understand that you will die someday?

What I’m getting around to saying is, sorry ’bout the uber-hiatus. Got some more posts coming shortly.

– Matt

On an unrelated note, I like to think of myself as the contemporary Albert Camus. Not so much because I’m going to reimagine and reinvent the philosophy of absurdism. More because I like fancy-ass coats.

– Nick

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