We wrote this way back in late 2012, and it was supposed to be topical to the global recession (remember that whole big thing a while back that was the singular focus of media attention for about 13 seconds and never really stopped happening?). We wrote this around the time Angela Merkel was bailing out half the eurozone and singlehandedly propping up European capitalism. Hence Karl Marx’s suggestion to drop a giant rock on her head. You know, intensifying capitalism’s natural tendency for crisis, precipitating the historically inevitable revolutionary transition, enlarging the historical possibility for martinis and hammocks for all, and etc? That whole scene.

Check out STRIKE! here.

– Matt

When you have to combine David Cameron’s face with some kind of weeping anus/animal vagina combo, you know that’s going to be an unpleasant day of googling. I’m haunted by the memory of it still — all those photos of David Cameron’s face… there are some things that can’t be unseen.

New comic next week!


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