I know that a lot of you are wondering when there’s going to be new stuff in the Dead Philosophers store. “I have too much money!” you cry, as it piles up around you: useless, unfeeling cash that is nothing compared to what is truly important in life.

Novelty t-shirts.

Does your money keep you warm? One of our t-shirts does – admittedly to a limited degree. Does your money have pictures of philosophers on it though? Maybe, if you’re Greek or something. I haven’t checked. Either way, you know that it’s nice to support the site financially, because we’re saving up to buy a bigger gold bin to store all of our excess gold in. At the moment all our excess gold is just lying around the place, and frankly that looks a little tacky. Also, every time you buy something from us we get an email, and get to feel genuinely good about the idea of someone on the other side of the world walking around wearing a Dead Philosophers shirt. We picture you wearing it, and buddy, you wear it well.

Soon, is the answer. There will be new stuff in the store soon.

Congratulations if you are one of the select few who managed to buy one of our Nietzsche/Batman shirts before we were politely informed that Warner Brothers has something called a “lawyer” and that this means we can’t sell them anymore.

– Nick

Nietzsche Batman!

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