Descartes actually did enjoy kicking dogs by the way. Look it up.

Earth-shattering announcement of immense import: I’ve dragged myself kicking and screaming into the year 2007 by finally joining twitter. I’m @NickGibb3 – yes that numerical suffix has branded me with the shameful mark of the late adopter, but them’s the breaks. If enough of you are nice enough to follow me that I no longer have an embarrasingly low number of followers, that would make my week. I should point out that while I’ll be posting new comics and discussing them, it isn’t solely a Dead Philosopher’s feed and will mostly be my personal vent for Wildean asides about Mario Kart or dugongs or whatever. Thanks.

- Nick


 20 different types of food that could potentially be named after philosophers

1. Corn on the Hobbes

2. Russell Sprouts

3. Chicken Marxala

4. Platato Salad

5. Nietzsches n’ cream

6. Francis Bacon


OK I can’t actually think of any other types of food right now. It’s quite late in this this part of the world.



- Matt