Google has informed me we have now had a visitor from every U.S. State! You held out for quite a while there South Dakota; mocking us with your big, white, rectangular face. We knew we’d get you sooner or later. I mean, we even had a visit from Khabarovsk (that’s about 800 kms North-East of Vladivostok, geography fans). In conclusion: Whoop!

A lot of people coming here for the first time, which is great. As an introduction to the site, why not try the following links:

A possibly NSFW Freud comic

A telling moment between old pals

Nietzsche, Marx and Plato in collectible card form

As always, we desperately, pathetically crave feedback. Do so at and

Here’s something I did last week. It’s the combination of Spartacus and the music of Warren Zevon that the people have been crying out for for so long. As the Holy Romans used to say: vox populi vox dei! You should check it out because it’s good, I promise — and it has about 5 views so far, which is embarrassing. If anyone likes this, I may well do more of the same kind of thing.


– Nick

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