There are with most philosophers at least one or two jokes that present themselves to you on a plate, and this is one of them; it is what we in the comedy biz call a “gimme”. We are not above occasionally plucking low hanging fruit such as this, but I like to think we rendered it with a degree of subtlety and élan. Well, we added a cartoon poo.

– Nick

If Nietzsche didn’t want someone to photoshop a small fake poo on his head, then he shouldn’t have been photographed with that facial expression.

Hey massive thanks to all the people who have been in contact! I hope we managed to respond to you all. Your emails amused, encouraged and aroused us; thank you.

Hipster Hitler have been nice enough to link to us. This is great, because they’re kind of a big deal right now, on account of being very original and funny. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you gotta be shittin’ me!

– Matt

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