I was going to do my honours dissertation on Wittgenstein. I spent pretty much all of last year reading from the Tractatus to On Certainty. It almost killed me. Reading Wittgenstein is like siege warfare – it requires total commitment combined with the expectation of intense suffering. You have to be OK with reading 80 pages of impenetrably fragmented argument without knowing if you are completely wasting your time or not. I think, best case, I probably understand about 1/10th of what he was on about, and yet I’m pretty sure he was right about absolutely everything.

That said, I’m also cool with completely trivialising his philosophy if it makes me giggle. So expect more of this!

For other Ludwig-heads out there, did you know the whole Derek Jarman film is on youtube? It’s as confusing as it is baffling!

– Matt

It’s very late, and I’ve just spent way too much time putting a microwave in Jerry Lewis.

Found this while searching for zebra photos earlier, thought I’d share. I also found one with ostriches! The possibilities here are endless — why did we go back to just horses and huskies? I want one with albino gorillas.

– Nick


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