ou see, his first names are Friederich Willhelm, hence “Fried Willy”. That may not have been immediately apparent. If it was, then congratulations; allow yourself to feel awfully clever.

As you read this I am sitting on a beach in the hot sun, drinking a Ramos Gin Fizz though crazy straw glasses. Later I may go snorkelling. God bless the southern hemisphere.

– Nick

Well it’s been an exciting year full of blessings, challenges and rough-edged rewards. My New Year’s resolutions are to spend much more time playing Mass-Effect 2, and to try not to eat too many things bigger than my own head (unless I’m really hungry and/or bored).

Cheers for reading. We’ve got HUGE plans for 2011. I can’t actually think of a specific example – more a broader set of goals than specific plans. They’re kind of vague at this point. We haven’t done a list or anything.


– Matt

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