It’s a little difficult to make a segue from a comic about cheese and sodomy to a blog post about a serious natural disaster. Actually, it’s impossible, but I’m going to do it anyway. Prepare to be slightly bummed.

We had an earthquake down here – you might have heard about it. New Zealanders aren’t really psychologically equipped to deal with natural disasters. They don’t really happen to us. When they do happen maybe some property gets damaged, a few pensioners complain, TV journalists get something to be earnest about for a week and life carries on pretty much as normal. The earthquake in Christchurch last week was horrific in scale – half the city levelled, hundreds dead and injured, homes ruined, billions upon billions of dollars in damage. I was just standing out on the concourse of the university I work at to observe 2 minutes of silence for the victims. I think almost every single staff and student on campus must have been there. So sad.

Anyway, if you like our comic and have ever thought of donating some money or buying a t-shirt to support us (or if you’re just one of those old-fashioned humanists), you might like to donate a little something to here instead. We’d totally appreciate it.

Not that I’m saying anytime could possibly be a bad time for cheese and sodomy mind…

– Matt

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