Sure, we’ve all grown a beard and then shaved it off piece by piece to see what we’d look like with a goatee, chopper, full-stache, and finally the Hitlerstache, or Chaplin. That’s one thing. It’s quite another to leave the house like that. It’s quite another to sport this look proudly for the better part of two decades. It’s quite another again if those decades are the thirties and forties, you live in Germany, are a card carrying member of the Nazi Party, have a history of denouncing Jewish academics, and your official position at the university where you work is that of “Führer-rector”.

I’m just saying, Martin — on paper, it doesn’t look good.

On an unrelated note, I’m performing a one-hour solo stand up show in the upcoming New Zealand International Comedy Festival in May, and I will be shamelessly plugging it over the coming month. I’m doing five nights in Wellington, and six in Auckland, so if you’re within driving distance of either of these places (I realise this is a scant minority of you — most of you are a twenty hour flight away) then you should totally come along and help me not go bankrupt. I will even let you buy me a drink after the show. I’m that generous. Also, I’m currently nominated for New Zealand’s biggest comedy award, the Billy T, so rest assured that I at least slightly know what I’m doing. Here’s a photo-montage of me performing at The Classic, in Auckland a couple of weeks ago:

– Nick


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