One more pseudo-update for you. The Nihilist Boardgame was going to end up in the discourse section eventually – something I did aages ago with Monsieur William Muirhead, the editor Chaff, a student magazine in New Zealand that Nick and I did quite a lot of writing for back in the day. Nick was the designer and Chaff was where we first thought up and published the comic. The mag is now defunct mainly due to shitty neoliberal education policy which killed off a lot of student unions and mags in NZ. It’s from a philosophy themed issue which featured a posthumous interview with Nietzsche about some lost manuscripts of his favourite muffin recipes, and a Freud quiz called How Oedipal are You? by William. Good times.

This was probably my favourite Chaff cover ever:

Chaff magazine cover

Next week: A comic!

– Matt

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