No idea what content of ours the Sallys might have considered misaligned to their values.

Sorry for the lack of comics recently. I was galavanting around the country performing a nightly hour of stand-up in the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, which, as well as being hugely damaging to my liver and wallet, rather delightfully and surprisingly culminated in me winning a MASSIVELY FUCKING PRESTIGIOUS AWARD.

No, please, sit down, you’re too kind.

Anyway, after a whirlwind month of press junkets, black caviar, Cristal champagne, grade A narcotics and scores of  lithesome groupies, it’s time to come back down to earth and return to the world of amusing facial hair and penis jokes that is this comic. We promise it won’t be so long before the next one.

– Nick

Biggie ups to those of you who actually donated to the Christchurch Earthquake Relief fund, even if they don’t want your heathen money. We only linked to them because they had the only online donation service at the time. Christchurch has just had another pretty devastating aftershock this week, no one dead this time thankfully. We’ve relinked to the Red Cross site anyway — I’m pretty sure they’re OK with cash defiled by the hands of blasphemous nonbelievers.

Of course I’m very happy for Nick and his recent achievements, and not at all consumed by bitter and hate-filled jealousy.

– Matt

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