I’m less than a week away from heading to Edinburgh to throw my hour-long stand-up show into the seething quagmire of broken dreams and sore livers that is the world’s largest arts festival. I couldn’t be more excited/stressed. If you are in the vicinity of the ‘Burgh, you should definitely come check me out in August. The show is free to enter (you can pay what you think it was worth on your way out) and as I may have mentioned a few too many times already, I recently won a pretty prestigious comedy award, so I’m alright at this comedy thing. Honestly.

I met a few of you who were lovely enough to come and see me perform in the New Zealand International Comedy Festival in May, and you seemed remarkably normal human beings. Not at all the sweaty basement-dweller demographic we assumed would be drawn to this comic.

Also, for those of you who are in London, I’m performing a free preview of my Edinburgh show this Sunday (July 31st) at The Bedford Pub in Belham, in The Map Room, at 2pm. Performing comedy in the afternoon is an entirely alien experience to me, so it would be great to get a supportive crowd there. And by crowd, I mean any more than six people will be a bonus.

As a side note, I seem to have made Foucault look a lot like Sean Lock in a few frames here, which amuses me more than it should.

– Nick


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