Ok, now that the all-consuming madness that is the Edinburgh Festival is behind me, we can get back to supplying you with pictures and words. By popular demand, we’re gonna do a few more of these little philosopher cards, hopefully to the point where we have something resembling a comprehensive set. The others can be found here.

Speaking of links to do with this website, why not go to our facebook page and like us? It’s been a while since we begged you for approval. Also, if you’d like to cover your torso in something that not only conforms you to standards of public decency, but is also amusing to passersby, why not check out the t-shirts we have in our store? Thanks.

Thanks heaps to those of you who made it out to see me perform in Edinburgh, with particular thanks to Gabriel Neil, who was good enough to  review me, and favourably no less. I’ll be mining that one for pull quotes for some while, I imagine. Gabriel, I owe you a pint.

Below is a photo of me with Edinburgh’s greatest contribution to dead philosophy — David Hume. The toe is shiny due to superstitious types rubbing it for good luck. I can’t be the only one to see the irony there. I do feel somewhat sorry for Hume having to sit around all day in his neo-classical get-up with one man boob constantly exposed to tourists and Scottish weather.

– Nick


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