This is easily the longest comic we’ve ever done — it’s like a little mini graphic novel unto itself; like Watchmen, but about pus. Finishing it has left me too exhausted to write a proper blog post, so instead I’m going to go and get drunk and play Goldeneye with Matt.

I should mention though that there is new stuff in our already amazing store! We have two whole new shirts, and the ever popular Sea of Nietzsches design is now available as an iPhone cover! Just in time for Giftstravaganza ’11!

– Nick

The metaphysical status of Nietzsche’s syphilis has been a controversial subject. It now seems pretty unlikely he actually died from Syphilis; most seem to agree he died of schizophrenia, a brain tumour or cancer. Whatever it was it was more debilitating and took much longer to kill him. And way less street-cred obviously.

– Matt

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