Hey, a comic! It’s been a while. Sorry about that, I hope we’re still cool.

For the few of you who live in New Zealand and love spending money on tickets to comedy shows, I some exciting news for you – I have a show in the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, which runs throughout May. I’m doing a week in Auckland and a week in Wellington. For details click here.

You can also see me being funny on TV here.

– Nick

Thanks to Richard Hackshaw for the best part of this joke.

I like Aristotle’s flute analogy because it provides a philosophical legitimation for being a complete snob in every situation. It’s just to prevent inferior flute players from possessing the best flutes not only because the inferior flute player will degrade the flute (by getting their filthy fingerprints all over it, probably dropping it in the toilet, trying to use it as a whisky still etc). The crappy flautist’s crappy fluting degrades the entire art and practice of fluting! A bad teacher on some level degrades the whole practice of teaching; bad poetry degrades poetry; bad writing degrades writing – so on. Dammit – can’t you see? When you download a John Mayer album, you’re not just hurting the people who might (through no fault of their own) inadvertently hear you playing a John Mayer album at some point. You’re hurting music man. Music.

Why can’t anyone think about the music?

Sorry about the extended hiatus. Promise it won’t be long before our next one.

– Matt

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